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You generate money. With every click

With SoKhrates you have the power to create wealth. How? By regularly using the social network, voting and sharing projects you like and carry in your heart. SoKhrates provides the tools to upload and share videos, photos and news about social, environmental and animal issues. Sokhrates connect you with people and communities who, like you, want to make a concrete contribution to the creation of a more just, equitable and solidarity society.

The spirit of Action

SoKhrates is already a concrete contribution, "Justice, solidarity and peace" are not only the engine of our actions, but also the motor of its own creation. We move from intention to action, and SoKhrates is the proof: all you see is inspired by the most gracious values , it is real, concrete and tangible.

Decides which projects to support and generates SK coins

The mechanism is very simple and effective: by supports a project that expresses your feelings, could be projects of social, environmental or animal issues. Share and assign "SK coins" to it: that alone is enough for the project to be funded by the countless philanthropists we found on our journey. We are a community willing to put into circulation revenues for our intention simply and effectively: for a fairer world, a world of peace, where there is truth and harmony.


The everyday pill

Do not stop! Keeping up and visiting SoKhrates, every day you can find out about your supporting projects "Heart Project" and find some others projects which you might be also interested in.

Where do the funds come from?

Sokhrates revenues are created from selling advertising space. These spaces are intended primarily to be for companies, partners and sponsors, who are dedicated to creating a new business ethics and are already contributing to the so-called green economy through the creation of the next generation, more friendly to the environment , environmentally sustainable and respectful of health, and value of human beings. Among others SoKhrates supporters and philanthropists.

Everyone can join

Sharing has the same value for everyone regardless if you have millions of fans or a few friends, if you use the network for leisure or for work. By using SoKhrates` platform and assigning SK coins to our projects, users will generate revenue that will benefit social and environmental initiatives. From the reconstruction of houses after natural disasters, animal protection projects, wilderness areas conservation and for the preservation of native communities projects. In doing so, you will contribute, through concrete actions, to the evolution of individual and collective consciousness in accordance with the principles of solidarity, harmony and peace.

Be the change you want to see in the world, your contribution is essential.

We are testing our platform until the end of October. If you want to contribute to the improvement of our site, write to info@sokhrates.com.

SoKhrates appreciate any feedback, our community appreciate the goodwill of the people who feels connected and wants contribute to our initiative.




We are building together a new model of economic development of inclusion-oriented social and environmental progress, based on the principles of peace, justice and solidarity. Every man is the bearer of a divine plan and has within it the power to change the world. Work to transform good intentions into action is the only way to prove that this is true and possible. We believe and we did.


  • To have millions of users that are aware of their power to create wealth by simply using our platform; by navigating, inviting their friends and acquaintances; voting for social and environmental projects in SoKhrates. Every time you are checking your project through our platform, you will be generating revenue. What does SoKhrates do? Distribute this money in humanitarian, environmental and animal projects that are already in our Sokhrates platform.
  • To offer our users a real possibility to invest the money that Sokhrates generates in these projects that are of a social and environmental impact; When Sokhrates users assigns SK coins to their favorite projects, Sokhrates convert this SK coins into real dollars or euros. We are an organization who is willing to do this. With your contribution and your good intentions we can change the world. Sokhrates community is already supporting and promoting these initiatives, and what you are reading is proof that we can.
  • Ensure effective implementation: everything we do is reviewed and documented. Transparency and clarity are the pillars of our work.

Let's awaken our divine power of good action that is already within each of us: Supports SoKhrates, spread to the world.


We are a community of people with goodwill who have joined forces and experience to create a social network for a positive evolution of humanity and for the service of preserving our planet.

Sokhrates was formed as a visionary and ambitious project: to re-connect everyone in a new humanitarian social network, where each person, from all cultures and different backgrounds, but with the same common goal, could contribute with ideas and concrete actions and, to create a more fair and more united world in which we can coexist peacefully and prosper.

The platform is available to anyone who shares our goals and values. We want to connect in a single network where all individuals and companies are involved, share their experience, logistics and financial resources to rebalance inequalities, improve living conditions of communities, and to support human rights, and to contribute to the protection of the environment and the ecosystem.



SoKhrates Onlus as an association is apolitical and nonpartisan. Who fully recognizes the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Paris (1948) and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (2009). In particular, SoKhrates supports the rights and freedom of individuals, first, the right to life of all human beings, animals, plants and all living species.

Sokhrates respects the right to observe religious beliefs and values ​​of all forms of spirituality.

The association promotes peace and dialogue among peoples, rejects war and all forms of violence.

SoKhrates works for the protection of the environment and the ecosystem.

The association believes in equal rights and duties, and works according to a new economy mode with ecological and solidary development.


To contact us about the Social Network

E-mail: info@sokhrates.com

To contact us about our projects.

E-mail: info@sokhratesonlus.org